About the Artist

Brenda Itzel is a Mexican-born artist based in Pickering, ON. From an early age, she loved painting and creating all sorts of handcrafts, but becoming a newly-minted Canadian in 2018 gave her the space and freedom to explore her art in a deeper way.

Brenda's passion for painting, along with her love of plant life of all shapes and sizes, naturally took her on the path of creating whimsical works on terracotta pots. Her art is a colourful, dreamy and life-affirming celebration of nature and love, and often evokes the motifs and styles of her Mexican heritage. Brenda always strives to use the best eco-friendly materials available, because in her own words, “En cada creación, un poco del corazón” (In every piece of work goes a little piece of my heart). 

In 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic, Brenda founded Itzel Home & Design. Since then she has gathered clients all across Canada and the USA, Germany, the UK and even Australia!

More than mere pots, Brenda's pieces are works of art created with love to provide happy homes for happy plants!