Robins En Primavera

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Plant Pot Robins En Primavera

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Terracotta plant pot "Robins en Primavera" is an avant-garde inspired piece featuring a family of Robins as they happily stroll in a garden during Spring. Bright colors, especially the red, give this work a powerful and mystifying look that will compliment any plant or flower tree. Over a clay pot, it is painted in acrylic and has a glossy finish to withstand the outdoors weather. It also includes the clay base which depicts the Spring night sky loaded with colorful stars.
First off- I love birds!
I was very moved and decided to give this a shot after watching a couple of Robins build their nest, then the female laying her eggs and both of them carefully taking care of them till they hatched, and after that how the nestlings grew up while their loving parents fed them every day. Such dedication!  
Includes saucer.
All pots have drainage hole .
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